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      Icon develops “double-layer” pour

      Icon develops “double-layer” pour - Icon Brands

      After over a year of trial and error, and working with
      Asian master-molders, Icon has developed a way to pour
      two colors in one continuous TPR mold. “This isn’t pink dye
      on top of a flesh color,” explained an Icon spokesman,
      “It’s actually a pink dress poured first and flesh, second,
      requiring quite a complex mold.” The result is called
      “Coeds io Disgrace,”a new Hey 19 bestseller!

      The Nines: Over one million sold!

      The Nines: Over one million sold! - Icon Brands

      Since Icon released The Nines in 2015, they were
      an immediate hit. We had prostate stimulators retailing
      for $12.99 and $14.99, that were on the same adult shelves
      for $40.99. We had silicone rings, like the one above for half
      the price of our closest competitor. And now Accounting
      tells us we’ve reached a milestone: One million sold!
      Thanks, America. Thanks a million!

      Collage gets mention in Colorvision

      Collage gets mention in Colorvision - Icon Brands

      ColorVision Magazine, a leading commercial design
      publication widely circulated in Europe and beyond,
      made mention of “Collage” from Icon Brands in its July
      online supplement. “We’ve rarely seen a more innovative
      pairing of color and silicone in a pleasure product”
      said the mag in it’s “NewsFlash” section. We certainly
      appreciate the mention from such trained eyes!