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      Danny Rotz
      I'm Danny Rotz from Shippensburg and I'm a cumdump faggot

      I'm a cock sucking sissy faggot and I love being fucked ass to mouth. You and all of your friends can pass me around the room until all of you have unloaded your big black cocks in my gaping boipussy and then I ride one of my huge dildos and play with my nipples while I suck all of you completely dry as my tiny sissy dick squirts thru my chastity cage all over me. You can see pictures of me taking huge rubber cocks in my mouth and ass on exposed faggots, I hope you enjoy...https://exposedfaggots.com/deep-throat-cock-sucker-danny-rotz/

      The texture is excellent, the flexibility is perfect for those trying to

      This is a brutally huge dildo. The texture is excellent, the flexibility is perfect for those trying to get deeper and bigger, the suction cup is a great one too... Very impressive toy and I am able to go deeper on this one then any of the others I have at the same size around!! Much nicer toy then those I have similar... Bang Bang for the buck!!!

      Jessica M.

      all i can say is omg if you like big toys you have to try this one after the first ride you will not want any thing else
      it looks imposibile but its not i did it all the way down omg what a great felling just take it slow and it will go

      adventerously sexy
      Buy this toy!!

      Wow , wife was at first terrified of this monster! After using progressively bigger toys and lots of lube we managed to push in the head immediately 345 inches slit in she got to about seven or eight amazing orgasms amazing night highly recommended !!!